Saturday, June 30, 2007


So John Lewis has two big sales every year. One starts the day after Christmas, the other traditionally starts on July 1st. These sales are where I usually pick up the bulk of my year's sweater yarn purchases, because the Liverpool John Lewis really only sells Rowan (including RYC), Jaeger and Debbie Bliss (and crap like Wendy and Sirdar, but I'm not interested in those), and these are all nice, mainstream yarns ideal for sweater-making. My workhorse yarns, if you will. JL's a nice department store, not as posh as Selfridges or Harvey Nichols, but really, just a damn good place to buy good, solid stuff, and none of that bloody sniffy attitude. And this sale is fantastic -- 50% off selected yarns. The bargains, they are mighty.

So Sunday was looking like a good day. I was going to get up, make breakfast, then ditch the spouse and go see what's on sale this time around, doubtless buy a bunch of yarn, and then wander around central Liverpool for a little bit, maybe have some lunch, then go home and roll around in a soft cloud of extra-fine merino, alpaca and silk. Spend some quality time with my stash. Plan the year's sweaters.

I just checked John Lewis's webpage to see what time they open tomorrow, so I could, ahem, be there waiting, and those BASTARDS started their sale TODAY. I missed the first charge! I am not leading the vanguard, as usual, but stuck in the freaking reserve! I base my entire yarn-purchasing life around this sale, and I missed the first, sweet fruits to be had.

This is so not fair. I want a do-over.


Blogger Chicagowench said...

Noooooo! So not fair!

If there's something especial you're looking for on serious bargain bin, I can always try to get it here and ship- with the flat rate priority mail box, it's not too dear.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Domingo said...

Hey i'm in liverpool!

Im Looking for a Knitter to knit for me, im a fashion student at jmu.

Working from graph pattern wich can be taught if nenecessary. Must be able to knit cabes and rib.

Going to be working on some really intresting peices! Pay is negotiable, hope to hear from you soon! how do i get in touch?

3:16 AM  

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