Friday, June 22, 2007

New depths of pitiful

I brought along the dreaded second sock (WHY did I decide to do 2x2 ribbing ALL THE WAY DOWN THE LEG, WHY) on this last business trip.

And realized, as I hit the 6 inch mark, I had no idea how long I'd made the leg on the first sock, since I was damn skippy sure I'd looked at the '9 inches' in the pattern and gone 'no fucking way', after that much ribbing, and shortened it.

I did the only logical thing, on my heavily delayed flight back home. I pounded my complimentary wine, cranked up my iPod, and passed out instead of knitting too far and having to rip, or knitting too little and god help me having to rip the heel turn I'd have done too soon.


Blogger ana said...

I'm telling you, 2X2 ribbing is fucking EVIL. You definitely made the right choice.

10:21 PM  

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