Saturday, December 01, 2007

Scandal! Child Labor Thrives in Knit-N-Gib-er's Home!

"Murfle," Chicagowench patiently addresses her son, who, despite an hour or so of morning quiet time devoted to WoW, is once again clamoring to play his "14 Guy." Moreover, he wants Chicagowench's "Guy," and his to team up, "After I finish doing something with my guy, I'll watch while you play yours."

"But I want to help. I want your guy and my 14 guy to . . ." he explains in something not quite slow, loud English, but dangerously close to it.

"No," Chicagowench continues patiently, "I have to finish . . . "

"But you can help!" Mr. Wench breaks in brightly and Chicagowench fixes him with a well-deserved glare. The Lad adds, sotto voce, "No, he really can help. At his level, he's a great meat shield."

"Right!" Chicagowench's eyes shine with avarice and bloodlust, "Murfle, your guy and my guy can do this together."

"Meat? Shield?" Matilda has the luxury of the high ground occupied by the geratric and others wholly forgotten by Western society who have never played an MMORPG, "This, my friends, will be noted in the godparent notebook."


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