Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Bunch of Nashua handknits 'Cilantro' (cotton/poly) in eye searing red for skirt? Check.
Instructions from C? Check.
Size 9, 24 inch circ needle on which to cast on one hundred fucking thirty six some odd stitches? Why no, because she and I had discussed needing long straights for this! Fucking fucker FUCK FUCK.

Hi, I'll just be calling C.

In the meantime, I cast on the Clapotis on size 10s. After working up the color on the 'set pattern' first chunk, I looked at it and thought, "This is a meeeeee colorway, not a colorway for K." I was thus presented with a challenge: do I frog, go buy yarn in a very K colorway, and cast on for her? Or do I....slant my gaze over at the Be Sweet Magic Ball I picked up 2 skeins of for a song (given they normally retail for $37.50, getting two for that was ridiculous) in a co-op. One skein and a pair of size 13 needles equals a fabulous, funky scarf which one can feel all smug bleeding heart liberal about. It is shameful how easy it is to make something gorgeous from that yarn, making it look like one has slaved all fall on a Christmas present for someone when, in reality, you've been greedily making a clapotis for yourself. I began to slide the clap off of the needles.

The little Matilda-devil popped up on my shoulder and hissed something about my shameful, shameful lack of self knitting this year. While I have acquired yarn for projects for ME ME ME, stuff for other people has taken priority (even during the Knitting Olympics when Autercakes lectured me about knitting for me and ripped me a new one when I thought about using the time for a sweater for someone else. I banged out 2 sweaters for meeee, but I continued to knit for other people, cracking out some baby hats). The little Matilda devil began to remind me of all the luscious, wonderful things she's knit for herself, while I have a rollicking RSI and nothing to show for it but thank you notes and one hat which my child has promptly attempted to claim for his own (I don't think so, pal, but I will make you your own).

Tonight, I'm winding one of the Magic Balls.


Blogger ana said...

P told me to go nuts on yarn for my birthday pressie, which I duly did, so my Clapotis yarn is on the way, and I'll probably be casting on as soon as it gets here. Naturally, I'm not using the recommended yarn, nor is the yarn I'm using (Alchemy Haiku in Pale Blue Eyes) even the same gauge, but it's just a scarf, so unless it swatches ridiculously badly, I don't give a toss, and I have a few back-up possibilities in the stash.

1:54 PM  
Blogger chicagowench said...

I can tell you right now I will likely not be doing all the straight rows, and possibly may only do 6 increase sections not 7, thanks to how the 100purewool is woring out (fucking gorgeous though!)

Mmmm, Alchemy....

2:47 PM  
Blogger Matilda said...

On a related note, my Cozy is turning into Tom Baker's Dr. Who Scarf. Someone needs to tell me when to stop knitting!

3:57 PM  

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