Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I am on a yarn diet, people. No yarn purchases till September.

I totally see some sock yarn action happening then though. You had all better hold my hand as I hyperventillate my way through the first sock.


Blogger ana said...

Heh. I am definitely on a yarn diet as well, after my latest fibre buyin' orgy, except for sock yarn, which doesn't count.

Incidentally, if you're looking for a sock pattern to start with, the Basic Sock in Stephanie Pearl McPhee's Knitting Rules! is the one I've been using, to great success. It honestly is easy, and if you happen to use it, and run into any trouble, I'd be happy to help you out.

And Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock is to die. I'm using it right now, and oh my god, it is just pure handpainted merino joy.

3:17 AM  
Blogger ana said...

Hi! I'm a moron. I am actually knitting this sock with Cherry Tree Hill Supersock. The Lorna's Laces is also awesome, but the CTH may be The One.

6:25 AM  
Blogger chicagowench said...

Have I mentioned lately how awesome that pic of you is?

Whine, have you seen sauvrette or however the hell you spell it cashmere in sockweight? holy crap.

12:31 PM  
Blogger ana said...

Heh. Thanks! This is the photo with which Phil justified his purchase of a Nikon SLR.

That Sauveterre cashmere is making me moan. I bought a couple of skeins of cashmere from HipKnits, and it is glorious and purrrrrty, but the colours in that stuff are amazing. Wanna die? Try

1:52 PM  
Blogger chicagowench said...

I hate you.

By which I mean, I love you, and I will possibly be begging for the sock club membership for Christmas.


12:58 PM  
Blogger Matilda said...

I remain uninterested in socks. That might be because I am currently doing the hustle with this fucking shawl.

It IS getting longer and longer, so I suppose it's not LITERALLY true that I work one row, then have to unwork 2, stitch by stitch. It just FEELS that way.

11:53 PM  
Blogger chicagowench said...

Which shawl?

I am toying with trying the clapotis. toying.

7:06 PM  

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