Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Anyone Know Any Good Panty Patterns?

So in my last, I jokingly said that my guitar-stringing post would be transformed into glorious blog relevance, if only chicagowench or angeltiger happened to have Guitar Hero for their PS2s. Add to that my spouse's somewhwat cracked idea of a host gift, and you've got late-night gibbing.

Yes, I assure you that Casa 'Wench has gibs of many things all over her living room floor: dignity, panties, prentensions to musical ability (and I didn't even know I had those), etc. On Sunday night, fuelled by the power of Agua Loca, angeltiger and I stayed up with 'wench's spouse, my spouse, and a small but determined group of BBQ lingerers, trying to deflect bullets of shame with the power of our rocking. I'm torn between relief and regret that angeltiger hadn't turned on the flash when taking the picture of me with a pull-up (in lieu of the panties I so richly deserved) on my head.

On Monday, we snuck in a bit more while the kid slept. Chicagowench really helped me reduce Black Sabbath's Iron Man to its component atoms by providing a hot lesbian naked shoulderblade rub at a critical moment.

Apropos of nothing, did you know that there are, apparently, no 24-hour Best Buys in Chicago?


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