Sunday, April 09, 2006

Rage Against Gauge: 7843rd in the Crafty Fucktard Cycle

Back at Thanksgiving when we were vacationing at Casta Wombata, your three intrepid heroines journeyed to Knit-Wit in scenic Olathe. Yours truly scored some very pretty Classic Elite "Attitude" in a seafoamy green and a nice silvery-brown taupe. This was slated for a 2-strand Big Bad Baby Blanket for my impending neiphewlet person thingy, who is due in May. The only problem on the horizon with this project seemed to be my usual overwhelming desire for ME to have this pretty pretty cotton/silk blend.

About 2 weeks ago, I dutifully did my gauge swatch on my Addi Turbo 13s. Conveniently, it seemed that the gauge came out exactly the same as when I did the blanket in Misti Alpaca on 10s. I cast on, knit pretty seed stitch with no fuck ups, and I saw that it was good.

Except I seemed to run through my first two balls right quick. I wound the second two and knit away and though "Jeebus on a swift, how much of this did I buy?" as they end of those came up. I peeked into my bag of tricks and I've got exactly six (2 sets of 3) hanks left. Dude, WTF?

Clever duck that I am, at 45 rows in, I think to measure the width. The width of my majestic 36-inch-wide blanket (it's supposed to knit up at 28" square and block out to 31"), which is now about 11 inches tall. If all goes SPECTACULARLY as planned, that results in a 36 x 27.5" blanket. And, of course, Attitude has long since been discontinued. That had better be one fucking weirdly shaped baby. Because knitting is fundamentally about me.


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