Monday, December 05, 2005

In which Angeltiger remembers this is a trifeminate

Not a solipsism. Therefore, introductions are required, as dear readers cannot be expected to follow the tortured logic of my many names. Possibly, they cannot be bothered to care much, either, but I'll at least make the effort.

Like a certain rainmaking member of the Endless, I give myself web identities about as often as I make friends. Over at Wench's blog, I'm known as LPG, or Leatherpants Grrl, auntie of the murfle and companion in Wench sanity on occasional girlie outings and yarn squee. At LJ, I was auteurcakes, a name I thought of on the fly and never particularly liked. Here at Blogger, on my now-deceased solo blog, I came up with Angeltiger, which suits if you know the Piercy, and which I like regardless.

I've been knitting for nearly two years. Like Silk Road Ultra, drool over Blue Sky Alpacas anything, but particularly the silk blends. For the record, I am noone's bitch, dammit.



All right. Shameful as it is to say, I suppose I'm Vittadini's (eeeeek!) bitch until I finish that damn pullover. Anyway, my knitting interests range from fingerless gloves knit at Crazy-Person Gauge to the on-size-35-dildoes wrap (hello, googlers) I'm about to begin when my knitting gets to go back to being all about MEEEEEE.

Gaming, like knitting, depends entirely on mood. I like FPS with the Lad from time to time (even a single-player if there's a decent plot), but get sucked into RPGs most often regardless of format. I particularly enjoy the Knights of the Old Republic series. Nothing like running around with a lightsaber and a can of whupazz for forty-odd hours. Sure, The Sith Lords left a hole in my soul, but for anyone who doesn't hang out at the Obsidian forums, there are several very blessed geniuses over here who are restoring cut content. Deadline fluid, but it should be worth it.

  • Making CJ other than useless on the increasingly mean streets of Los Santos (So what if I started a gang war? Can't a bro-vatar walk anywhere without getting shot? Shit!)
  • Waiting very, very patiently for above-mentioned mod
  • Weekend sweater for Wench in Blue Sky Bulky
  • Sonnet cardigan for Informatrix (aka Trash) in...crap...some luscious alpaca thingy or other
  • Haiku cardigan for M. Giant-Informatrix spawn M. Small in Malabrigo
  • Crazy-Person Gauge fingerless gloves for Zen Viking in Regia self-striping 4-ply
Oh, how I love the holidays.


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